Quota - Give Back with JIC

JIC is teaming up with Quota International, a grassroots volunteer organization dedicated to empowering women, children, the deaf, and hard-of-hearing in local communities around the world. JIC is donating 20% of our Pink Coconut Gelato candle and tart, created for Quota, to directly benefit their organization.

Waxing Poetic Jewelry by Jewelry In Candles

Featuring Waxing Poetic jewelry, this Pink Flame candle from Jewelry In Candles features Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber scent. Be transported to a Mediterranean sea.

JIC Naturals Body Butter

All-new luxuriously rich body butters from JIC Naturals. Made with Organic and Certified ToxicFree ingredients, this 24-hour moisturizer is packed with amino acids, minerals and peptides that support skin renewal.


Dream Factory - Give Back with JIC

JIC has proudly partnered with Dream Factory to help make chronically and critically ill children’s dreams come true. Join us in giving back.

Trick or Treat! from JIC

This Halloween....what frightens you? Discover a $15K jewelry set and other bonus prizes in Trick or Treat candles and tarts!

Join the JIC team

Meet our CEO, Micah Buse, and find out why he started Jewelry In Candles. Includes testimonials from real reps and behind the scenes footage of what makes our natural soy candles so special.


Our Story

Since the opening of Jewelry In Candles in August 2013, our team has spent countless hours creating and perfecting every product, from the quality of each candle or tart to the jewelry hidden inside. We love what we do, because of you.

JIC Rep Life

In less than two years, our team has transformed the home party industry. Find out why we have the fastest growing rep program in the candle industry.

Everyday Home Fragrances

Relaxing, working or taking an adventure, Jewelry In Candles will fill your home with light and love everyday. 


2014 Christmas Collection 

Stay cozy and love deeply. Introducing our best-selling scents of the Christmas season. 

Million Dollar Jewelry Day

Get the party started! Watch as we make it rain jewelry on April 24, 2015.

A Candles' Journey

The journey of each one of our candles is unique. Watch as this video showcases candles from a very different perspective.


Scent Samples -  Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered how our scent samples cure? Take a look at the fascinating process.

Vanilla - The Secret Life of A Candle

How long do candles take to cure? Watch the curing process of our classic Vanilla candle.