Exclusive Products

Want to earn these Exclusive Products? Join the JIC Family today to learn more!

Exclusive Customer Candle

This special candle is available for our customers with 1,250 Reward Points.

Exclusively Yours Candle

Exclusively Yours Candle - Sell $500 or more in Reveal Party retail sales to earn this exclusive candle.

Firestarter Candle

Achieve all 3 Firestarter challenges to earn this special candle.

FireStarter Logo Tote

High achievers in our FireStarter challenge will earn this exclusive logo tote.

Free Host Party Candles

This special reward was available in January, 2017 for Hosts when their party reached $750 or more in retail sales.

FREE Host Party Candles

Enjoy this extraordinary 4-layered Host Candle as a special acknowledgement or in exclusive giveaways!

Host Party Candles

This special reward is available for Hosts to purchase at a 60% savings when your party reaches $750 or more in retail sales.

Host Party Candles with Firestarter Option

Achieve $4000 in Personal Retail Sales in your first 100 days to earn a free Host candle with the exclusive Firestarter necklace.