February E-Commerce Kit

Limited Time February E-Commerce Kit offer!

(Available through February 28, 2017)

Special offer $19.95* includes FREE shipping AND: 

  • Welcome Letter from Micah
  • 3 Catalogs
  • 1 Host Brochure
  • 1 Recruiting Brochure
  • 5 Scent Samples
  • 3 Body Butter Samples
  • 5 Cafe Naturals Stick Packs
  • Care Cards for reference
  • All Marketing Flyers

*19.95 USD to U.S. only, $30.95 USD to Canada
*New Reps who purchase this kit option have 30 days from sign-up to purchase our $99 Standard Rep Kit.
*Price includes free shipping on kit only. Additional purchases must be made in a separate order. 


Hi new rep! Please read this.

We want to make being a JIC rep easy--and that includes navigating our site. That's why we've provided a few basic--and very important--instructions below.

  1. Select and purchase your startup kit. As you go through the checkout process, the website will collect all the information we need to create your representative account. * If you've previously been a rep and are signing back up, make sure to use a new email address (using your previously registered email will not work).
  2. After checkout, continue the Rep sign up process by reading and agreeing to our Independent Representative Agreement.
  3. Create your eCommerce store and you will be online within minutes.
  4. Once you have completed Steps 1-3 you through the sign-up process and your Kit will ship to you.
  5. Next click MY ACCOUNT and access your "Back Office". This is your connection to JIC Corporate. Explore the "Get Started" section and view the New Rep Training Videos. Then
  6. Schedule your Launch Party and share JIC with everyone you know!

​Welcome to JIC Nation! We have many avenues of support as you launch your new business. Keep in close touch with your sponsor and your upline. Ask for help when you need it. Call our support team at 502-416-1418 or email us at [email protected]

February E-Commerce Kit

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